Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center

Coyote Pond – Outside Camera

Coyote Pond – Underwater Camera

Current Location:
Deep Canyon Boyd Center


Coyote Pond Observation Unit

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Pupfish Project


The camera is designed for underwater day and night imagery. The system is currently deployed at a small water hole near the lab buildings at Boyd Center.

Images from the camera will be saved in an image database system. The camera can detect motion and notify a researcher that an event has occurred by emailing the researcher with the current image attached to the email.

Remote observation of wildlife allows researchers to observe animals without the disturbance of a human presence that can alter the normal behavior of an animal. Another beneficial aspect of remote surveillance systems is the savings of time and travel expenses to remote locations by reducing the need for frequent visits to collect data that can be obtained by remote sensing.

Kevin Browne – UCNRS Information Manager