Support Us

Support Us

Boyd Deep Canyon needs your help. We are supported in part with state funds, but this funding is limited. Gifts, grants, endowment income, and fees charged to users are of utmost importance to fund our operations.

Private donations work in concert with the state’s commitment and grant funding to help Boyd Deep Canyon—and all Natural Reserve System sites—continue to provide protected natural areas for research, teaching, and public service for future generations. 

Our current project is the Tevis Research Center, which will provide a classroom, meeting room, and other academic facilities.

Your donations are tax-deductible and much appreciated.

Muth Nakayama Fund for Boyd Deep Canyon

Dr. Allan Muth and Violet Nakayama established this endowment to benefit programs, and maintenance and construction of facilities at Boyd Deep Canyon. Natural Reserve System reserves do not benefit from Operations and Maintenance of Facilities funding available to UC campuses. Most maintenance, renovation, and construction of facilities funding is usually left to the reserve manager. Facilities funding was Dr. Muth’s greatest recurring concern throughout his 35-year tenure as Boyd Deep Canyon reserve director. This endowment was established to help relieve the funding burden from his successors.

Donations to the Muth Nakayama Fund for Boyd Deep Canyon can be made in  two ways:


Via UC Riverside giving

IMPORTANT:  When you click on that link, it will take you to the UC Riverside Giving page.  Once there, you will need to search for the Dr. Allan Muth and Violet Nakayama Endowed Deep Canyon Reserve Fund.  You can simply type “Muth” into the search bar, and the search should find the fund.  At that point, you can click the “Give Now” button next to the fund name to submit your donation. You can enter any amount you wish to donate, or click on the pre-set amounts.  Small donations do add up, so if the pre-set amounts are more than you can comfortably give, please enter any value.


Make checks payable to the UCR Foundation.
Write Muth Nakayama Fund for Boyd Deep Canyon on the memo line.
Mail to:
UCR Foundation
P.O. Box 112
Riverside, CA 92502-0112