Golden Eagles in Southern California: History, Flight Patterns, and Impacts of Urbanization

UCR Palm Desert 75080 Frank Sinatra Drive, Palm Deser, CA, United States

Dr. Robert Fisher was asked to help develop a Golden Eagle research program in 2014. To date, his team has captured 49 eagles in southern California and generated new data critical for management of this species within the ecoregion. His talk will review what is currently known about Golden Eagles in southern California including the […]

Native bees of Southern California’s deserts

UCR Palm Desert 75080 Frank Sinatra Drive, Palm Deser, CA, United States

  Our deserts are home to some of the most biodiverse and unusual bee communities on Earth. Many of these species are uniquely specialized to their desert surroundings, but they are also imperiled by warming temperatures and other global changes. Dr. Hollis Woodard will speak about some of the unusual lifestyles of bees in our […]

The fantastic courtships of Costa’s Hummingbirds

UCR Palm Desert 75080 Frank Sinatra Drive, Palm Deser, CA, United States

Dr. Chris Clark will describe ongoing research on Costa’s Hummingbird courtship displays, including the sounds they make with their wings and tail-feathers, and how they learn their songs. Register now.

Deep Canyon: A lens for understanding plant species range shifts in a warming world

Plant species are responding rapidly, albeit idiosyncratically, to warming and drying conditions worldwide.  Tesa Madsen-Hepp will discuss the long term dynamics of where plant species are found along the Deep Canyon Transect, and how consideration of plant form and function can help improve predictions of how communities of plant species will reorganize under changing climates. […]

California’s Elephants: Mammoths and Mastodons, and other Megafauna

Follow the strange evolutionary history of mammoths and mastodons from the ancient swamps of Egypt to the plains of California, and among the many extinct mammals of the Pleistocene Megafauna. Was their disappearance due to changing climates, or at the hand of humans?  Register Now!

Next Generation Natural History: Using Technology to Understand Rattlesnake Behavior

Rattlesnakes are fascinating animals, but what do they really do? In this presentation you will learn about how researchers and citizen scientists are starting to unlock the secrets of rattlesnake behavior by studying exciting footage from time lapse and live-streaming cameras on a den with hundreds of rattlesnakes.  Register Now!